In December 2023 the Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee endorsed the collectively-produced Joint Housing Action Plan, and recommended it to the Council partners for adoption and implementation.

Housing Action Plan

Presentation to GCPC 8 December 2023

The Plan was collectively developed by the GCP Partner organisations to tackle the shared issue of the shortage of housing and its rising unaffordability. There are solutions, but they require everyone to participate: this requires a comprehensive plan, strong leadership and collective effort. 

The vision of the Housing Action Plan is that everyone in Greater Christchurch has access to a healthy, warm, sustainable, affordable home.

The Housing Action Plan was adopted by Waimakariri District Council on 7 February 2024, and by Christchurch City Council on 6 March 2024.

The Plan is on the agenda of the Council meetings for Selwyn District Council and Environment Canterbury for adoption on 20 March 2024.