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Huihui Mai Greater Christchurch – let’s come together to plan our future.

It’s time to come together to plan our future – tell us what you think

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The Christchurch, Selwyn and Waimakariri districts are growing rapidly, with our population potentially doubling to 1 million people within the next 60 years, if not earlier.

How can we grow in a way that will provide a good quality of life while also tackling important issues such as responding to climate change, preserving the environment, making our region more resilient to natural disasters, and making housing more affordable?

We have some suggestions about what we could do to help address these challenges. These include:

  • a new turn-up-and-go public transport service that would run along a dedicated corridor from the central city north to Belfast and west to Hornby
  • focusing more on future residential and commercial development along this and other key public transport routes, in the central city, key urban centres and town centres.