How to get involved

Huihui Mai Greater Christchurch – let’s come together to plan our future

It’s time to come together to plan our future – tell us what you think.

Take the survey(external link) or find out more about other ways to have your say below.

How to get involved

Our engagement is open from 23 February to 26 March 2023

If you are excited about the future of Greater Christchurch and keen to get involved - see below how you can have your say. 

Tell us what you think about:

  • How can we accommodate more people and businesses in a way which provides a great quality of life, well-functioning urban areas and a thriving economy, while protecting our environment?
  • Are we on the right track to better public transport?

Your feedback will help us to develop the draft spatial plan that will go out for consultation later this year and finalise our investigation into the turn up and go public transport service allowing us to move to the next phase of detailed planning for this service. 

We will also be engaging further with the community as our work on a turn up and go public transport service progresses.

Ways to have your say


Tell us what you think by taking the survey.(external link) 


We are holding workshops in different locations across Greater Christchurch.

Attend a workshop if you are interested in hearing a presentation and participating a group discussions about the work – both at tables and with the full workshop group.

All the workshops will address the same questions and have the same format. However, we expect the workshops to reflect the local context for the area in which they are hosted.

Register for workshops:


A webinar was held on Thursday 2 March which provides an introduction to the work we are seeking community feedback on. The recording and presentation slides are available below.


Drop into one of your local libraries at the times below to talk to one of the project team members about this work.

  •  Monday 6 March 12-2pm, Rangiora Library
  • Wednesday 8 March 12-2pm, Kaiapoi Library
  • Friday 10 March 12-2pm, Te Ara Ātea (Rolleston Library)
  • Friday 10 March 12-2pm, Tūranga (Christchurch Central Library)

If you have any questions you can email us at 

Christchurch City Council’s Housing and Business Choice Plan Change

How does the Huihui Mai engagement relate to the Christchurch City Council’s Housing and Business Choice Plan Change (Plan Change 14) and Heritage Plan Change (Plan Change 13)?

The Christchurch City Council are currently considering changes to their District Plan (Plan Change 13 and 14) on Housing and Business Choice and Heritage.  This is about enabling intensification in residential and business zones of the City to implement the government’s direction in the National Policy Statement on Urban Development and enabling housing legislation, which provides capacity for housing and business development across the urban area.

Christchurch City Council is one of the partners in the Huihui Mai engagement.  The ideas we’re seeking your feedback on in the Huihui Mai engagement have been developed with full consideration to the requirement to implement the enabling housing legislation.  The feedback you provide will inform the development of the Greater Christchurch Spatial Plan which sets the long-term direction about how we would like to accommodate growth in our city and surrounding towns into the future to best enable us to respond to future challenges like climate change, ensure Greater Christchurch remains a great place to live and do business into the future, and protects our environment. 

This will guide decisions that local and central government make about how to use their full range of regulatory and non-regulatory tools - including investment in transport, other infrastructure and place making to encourage and support the type and location of development – both residential and commercial that delivers to this long-term direction.

If you want to provide feedback on the proposed changes under Plan Change 13 and 14, please keep an eye on the Christchurch City Council’s website – they will be seek feedback by submissions from 17 March until 3 May.