The Greater Christchurch Partnership and Whakawhanake Kāinga Komiti are joint committees established by Memorandum of Agreements under the Local Government Act 2002, to govern and lead the Partnership with the support of their Chief Executives, who sit on a Chief Executives Advisory Group.

You can find out more information about these Committees below.

Agendas and minutes

Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee and the Whakawhanake Kāinga Committee

Meeting schedule, agendas, and minutes can be accessed here (external link)and by searching:

  • Greater Christchurch Partnership and the Whakawhanake Kāinga Committees for meetings after June 2017; or 
  • Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy Implementation Committee for meetings before June 2017. 

Agendas are published one week before the meeting. 


Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee 8 December 2023 Agenda

Agenda for the meeting on 8 December 2023 [PDF, 3.6 MB]


Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee 20 October 2023 Agenda and notes

Agenda for the meeting on 20 October 2023 [PDF, 557 KB]

Minutes for the meeting on 20 October 2023 [PDF, 160 KB]


Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee 11 August 2023 Agenda and notes

Agenda pack for the meeting on 11 August 2023. [PDF, 13 MB]You can also access copies of the attachments included in the pack below:

Notes from the meeting on 11 August 2023 [PDF, 190 KB]


Whakawhanake Kāinga Committee 12 May 2023 Agenda

Agenda pack for the meeting on 12 May 2023(external link). You can also access high-resolution copies of attachments included in the pack below:

Committee members


Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee

Jim Palmer (Chair)

Independent Chair

Mayor Phil Mauger

Christchurch City Council

(external link)

Councillor Sara Tempelton

Christchurch City Council

Councillor Victoria Henstock

Christchurch City Council

Mayor Dan Gordon

Waimakariri District Council

Mayor Dan Gordon

Deputy Mayor Neville Atkinson

Waimakariri District Council

Councillor Niki Mealings

Waimakariri District Council

Mayor Sam Broughton

Selwyn District Council

(external link)

Councillor Nicole Reid

Selwyn District Council

Councillor Lydia Gliddon

Selwyn District Council

Chair Peter Scott

Environment Canterbury

Councillor Vicky Southworth

Environment Canterbury

Councillor Grant Edge

Environment Canterbury

Dr Te Maire Tau

Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu

(external link)

Jane Huria

Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu

(external link)

Gail Gordon

Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu


Member to be appointed


James Caygill

New Zealand Transport Agency (Director Regional Relationships)

(Non-voting member)

Whakawhanake Kāinga Committee

Above members of the Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee, plus the following members

Hon Megan Woods

Minister of Housing

Hon Kieran McAnulty

Minister of Local Government


 Briefings to Incoming Government