Agendas and meeting summaries

The Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee meetings are held bi-monthly on a Friday. Until June 2017, the Committee was named the Urban Development Strategy Implementation Committee. The agendas and meeting summaries can be accessed below.

Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee 2018 

Meeting schedule, agendas, and meeting summaries can be accessed below. Agendas are published one week before the meeting. Formal meetings are scheduled for: 

Meeting date Agenda                  Attachments Minutes                  Meeting summary
Friday 9 March             

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Meeting summary

Friday 13 April 

Please note 11am start

Agenda [HTML]

Agenda [PDF]

     No meeting summary for this meeting
Friday 8 June         
Friday 10 August        
Friday 12 October        
Friday 14 December        

Meetings are held in the Council Chamber at the Environment Canterbury Offices, 200 Tuam Street from 9am. Committee workshops are held on alternate months to the formal bi-monthly meetings.

Previous agendas and minutes can be accessed here and found by searching Greater Christchurch Partnership for meetings after June 2017 or Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy Implementation Committee for meetings before June 2017. 

Previous Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee meeting summaries