Our Space 2018-2048

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Greater Christchurch Settlement Pattern Update - Whakahāngai O Te Hōrapa Nohoanga

Project status: Our Space 2018-2048 [PDF, 6.4 MB] has been adopted by each Partner Council, subsequent to the endorsement by the Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee. 

Urban Development Strategy Update 2016 [PDF, 6.4 MB]The Partnership has undertaken a review of the strategic land use planning framework for Greater Christchurch.

Our Space 2018-2048: Greater Christchurch Settlement Pattern Update [PDF, 6.4 MB] outlines land use and development proposals to ensure there is sufficient development capacity for housing and business growth across Greater Christchurch to 2048.  

It complements the existing Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy (UDS)(external link) and has been prepared in order to satisfy the requirement to produce a future development strategy, outlined in the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity(external link).

The Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee meeting on 14 June 2019 endorsed the final Hearing Panel report [PDF, 3.8 MB] and its recommended changes to Our Space, thereby endorsing the Our Space settlement pattern update as the future development strategy for Greater Christchurch. Subsequent ratification at meetings of each partner local authority occurred during June and July also adopted Our Space.

Further information on the background and development of Our Space 2018-2048