The Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act (2016) marks a new phase of regeneration, maintaining recovery activity but also looking to the longer term needs of our communities. UDS Partners play a critical role, working with new regeneration agencies.

Regenerate ChristchurchRegenerate ChCh

Regenerate Christchurch is at the heart of leading our city from recovery to regeneration. Regenerate Christchurch wants Christchurch to be a vibrant city that has opportunities for people to grow, connect and thrive. Its contribution will be through Regeneration Plans and leadership that will transform Christchurch.

Established as a new entity in April 2016 by the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act,  Regenerate Christchurch is a partnership between the Crown and Christchurch City Council that signals a shift towards locally-led regeneration. It builds on and continues the work the Council and the Crown have undertaken since the Canterbury earthquakes. Regenerate Christchurch is committed to working with communities and businesses and will provide opportunities for engagement and be open to feedback. The support of the broader community is critical to the success of Regenerate Christchurch.

Regenerate Christchurch’s Statement of Intent  sets out three priority areas for its work:
Central City – evaluating progress and providing advice on what is required to increase momentum and support the regeneration of the central city.
Residential Red Zone – determining the long term use and regeneration of residential red zone land in Christchurch by leading the development of visions, strategies and Regeneration Plans.
New Brighton – Considering the current measures in place in New Brighton and providing advice on what is required to increase momentum and to support the regeneration of this area,alongside Development Christchurch Limited.

More information about Regenerate Christchurch is available on its website.

Ōtākaro LimitedOtakaro

Ōtākaro Limited is delivering Crown-led Anchor Projects in Central Christchurch and divesting the balance of Crown land. Ōtākaro is a Crown-owned company with a board of directors.

Anchor Projects and Precincts are key initiatives that will encourage other developments around them and attract people into the central city. They are all about people – making the central city a place where people want to live, work and visit for social and cultural activities.

They include:

  • many new public spaces - gardens,      parks, gathering spaces and paths - that will make the central city      greener, and easier and more enjoyable to move around
  • major new public facilities like the Convention Centre and the Metro Sports Facility, that will encourage locals and      visitors into the central city
  • the Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial
  • around 900 new residential dwellings, in the East Frame to encourage people to live in the central city
  • improvements to the traffic network, to make it easier to move around the central city for all forms of transport.

The Christchurch Central Recovery Plan defines the Blueprint Plan, the framework for the rebuilt city, and outlines key Anchor Projects and Precincts for central Christchurch.

Further information on Ōtākaro Limited is available on its website.


Development Christchurch Limited

DCL is a Council Controlled Trading Organisation (CCTO) and a wholly owned subsidiary of Christchurch City Holdings Ltd (CCHL), the Council’s commercial holdings company.

DCL’s role involves contributing to the successful, long-term regeneration of the city by facilitating, enabling and transforming investment and development opportunities. In particular, as outlined in its statement of intent, to apply commercial discipline to development projects and Suburban Master Plans in order to deliver strong outcomes for the public good.

DCL uses its commercial expertise and capability to engage on behalf of Christchurch City Council with the private sector and enter into arrangements and partnerships that contribute to regeneration through successful development and investment.

Further information on Development Christchurch Limited is available on its website.


Regeneration information  

Formal notices, publications and other news and is available through the Greater Christchurch Group page of the Department of  the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) website.

Wider regeneration information is also available from Christchurch City Council, the Implementation section of this site and the websites of other Strategy Partners